Sport Krupka

At the end of 2023, we successfully completed a second project for the town of Krupka, this time focused on sport. We created a website which presented all the available sports facilities run by the town of Krupka in a clear manner. We linked it to the booking system and gave an overview of sports and cultural events, as well as information on other important services provided by Sport Krupka.

at a glance in one place

Each sports facility has its own section and its own content. Using the content blocks, the website administrator is able to create exactly the content needed to present the sports facility: galleries, team summary, particular contact details and much more. We created a system for flexible content creation that maximises convenience for administrators and ensures best possible user experience.

We took photographs
of all sports facilities

In order to better present each facility, we decided that we needed to take photos of everything. We wanted the photographs to be un a uniform style and capture the true atmosphere of the Sport Krupka site and all the places and services which Sport Krupka runs.

Convenient booking
from your mobile phone

An important part of the implementation was production of responsive templates. Users want to have the opportunity to quickly book a sports facility, or look at the facility programme so that they can set out for their sports experience. The objective here was to ensure administration was as automatic as possible so that website administrators can easily fill in the calendar of events, and ensure the programme remains up-to-date.

Bespoke implementation
of your ideas

When we work on a bespoke website, we have the opportunity to fine-tune every detail. We don’t have to make compromises, and when we have a good idea, we can make it happen. Bespoke solutions give you both freedom and complete control over the entire implementation. This gives the administrator a convenient environment for administering the entire website, which is tailored to the needs of the visitor.

Our digital journey
with the town of Krupka

Sport Krupka is the second project we have implemented for the town of Krupka, and we have more in the works. We are glad that Krupka has entrusted us with their digital projects, and we thus have the opportunity to work on projects for the people who live in our region. This is one of our great goals – to work on things that advance digitalisation in the place where we live. We have been able to forge other interesting collaborations and thus get involved in improving the digital presentation of towns, companies and other organisations in our area.

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