Our old friends from S-STAV contacted us with a request to redesign their website, which we created several years ago. The task was clear – make a prestigious website, which will present the company’s new level that S-STAV achieved after those years of hard work.

A web presentation is a gateway to your services for completely new customers. Recommendations work a lot in the construction industry, but you’ll mostly be referred to a website, so you can look at what the company offers. If you don’t have an up-to-date website that also corresponds to the type of orders you want to realise, you’ll be getting a lot of inquiries that you may not be interested in. That’s why it’s a good idea to redesign your website once in a while, and focus on a new customer segment.

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Modern construction
and service quality

The construction company S-STAV belongs among the best in our region. It executes both large, demanding projects and smaller precision realisations. It has a fresh perspective, and wants to reach customers with the same enthusiasm.

Seeing something for yourself
once is better than hearing
about it a hundred times

When you see a nice house, it’s not written anywhere who participated in the realisation. We agreed with the client that we must have a lot of high-quality photographs of buildings on the new website. Because we knew that we’ll have such material, we also adapted the website’s design to it so that we show S-STAV’s work in its full beauty.

Every detail counts

The website itself isn’t complicated. That’s why it was clear that we’ll design every subpage, including all necessary statuses, with the option of combining various blocks on the subpages, and thereby defining a slightly different structure with regard to the available content every time.

A website for
the next few years

We expect that the client will be using the new website for the next few years. At this time, the structure of the new website doesn’t restrict us in any way. We can easily add new services and references in various form. Video, various types of galleries and other content isn’t a problem.

and functional
mobile display

We focused on the website’s responsiveness. We know that the client has a lot of accesses from mobiles, because they have advertisements on cars and constructions in progress. These are usually people who want to get in touch quickly. The mobile website is created so that everyone can quickly find what they urgently need.

The website will grow
with the company

We’ve agreed with the client on the further development of the website. We’ll prepare content for the references. We’ll also improve the service content, and in time we’ll create completely new sections according to how the company develops and what its needs will be.

The new website is
just the beginning

Both we and the client like the new website. Positive responses are also arriving from our client’s customers. Of course, time will show whether the composition, quantity and most importantly quality of inquiries has also changed thanks to the new website. We’ll be monitoring everything, and we’ll respond and propose further changes accordingly.

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