Snatch Robbery

We agreed with the client that we want to reach a new target group for Snatch products. That’s why we prepared a new concept video in an office environment, to show that Snatch products are a suitable alternative for those who work indoors.

We put together a simple script, and a team of people with whom we wanted to shoot the video. We agreed to shift everything slightly higher in terms of production, so we needed more equipment so that we could fulfil the video’s necessary visual potential.

A great location
and nice offices

We found a location in Holešovice, Prague. We have partners there who were willing to provide their office space to us. We only filmed on weekends, so that there would be fewer people around and we wouldn’t have to look for a shot that nobody comes into.

Making use of experience
from previous shootings

Thanks to experience from previous events, we were better prepared and synchronised. We were running out of time, but we managed everything and stuck to the original script, even though we left out some shots so that the video wouldn’t be longer than we had planned.

An opportunity to
try something new

Often a technique appears during the filming that you want to try out, but don’t have enough experience with. It happened to us too, but we managed everything without any problems. Multiple heads are better than one. It’s important to always have a plan B in case something doesn’t work as expected; then you have your tried-and-tested techniques and procedures in reserve.

A great team whose
members understand
each other

It was a long and nourishing day of filming. We have a great crew that always manages to reach an agreement, and has lots of fun in the process. We always look forward to collective events where we can create together. We recorded what we wanted, and then everything had to be edited. We spent much more time choosing music than we did filming. We had problems finding something that would properly convey the atmosphere of the entire video, but we sorted it out in the end.

The product
as the lead

We managed to shoot a slightly different video than before. There’s a bit more acting in it. Even though we did everything without professional actors, it’s not an eyesore. It’s a well-made video with a funny story and the product as the lead, which was our goal.

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