Happy Dog

The sole importer of Happy Dog and Happy Cat pet food to the Czech Republic and Slovakia of many years, EUROBEN, contacted us to ask us to design their new online store. It was evident after our first meeting that our companies had a lot to offer each other, and so a completely new online store was produced after a year of hard work, tailored to the information system for their entire wholesale and retail sales management.

It is always important for us to do our work such that the client wants to continue in their co-operation, and develop the product thus created. Problems always arise with more complicated projects - delays, stress and pressure - and this time was no different. We’re used to mistakes occurring, and we can boast that we learn and develop from every project. When a good product is the end result, we know that it was worth it. We’re glad of the opportunity to create EUROBEN’s new online store and information system, and we’re looking forward to further joint projects.

„We were recommended the guys from Pro-idea s.r.o. because we wanted to redesign the graphics on our previous online store, and in the end we ended up working on a comprehensive redesign of how the entire system works, both for end customers and for B2B solutions. We set out on a redesign of this huge project, completely transforming the entire concept, whose objective is and will be to offer better services to all our clients. At the beginning, nobody really had any inkling of what the word “huge” would entail, but it makes me all the more pleased that we did it, and we have now laid firm foundations so that we can develop this project further.“

Ing. Eva Šípová

Happy Dog web administrator

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