Online marketing

Snatch Citrus

We were tasked with presenting a new Snatch nicotine pouch product online. A new black design, and fresh flavours.

We’ve been looking after online marketing for Snatch, a Czech nicotine pouch manufacturer, for a long time. In addition to regular administration, we’re also in charge of comprehensive online campaigns. Thanks to the client’s trust, we have the opportunity to try out new platforms and formats. We take care of complete production, advertising management, landing page creation, communication with followers, and finally an overall evaluation of all activities and setting of further communication strategy.

of materials
for the campaign

We had much work to do, and we had to prepare a lot of materials so that we could launch the entire campaign in a high quality. We took photographs of all the products, recorded shots for the final animation, modelled 3D covers to make the main spot more interactive, and designed posters and banners. All in a uniform style and in different variants, so that we could measure which visuals appeal more to various target groups.

Two campaign concepts
– taste and elegance

The first concept was based on the visuals presenting, at first glance, the new black packaging and the new chilli and citrus flavours. The second concept focused mainly on the new black packaging design, which is more elegant and stands out better in the Snatch product range. We took thematic photographs in our studio for both concepts.

The product landing
page in the e-shop

In addition to the campaign being intended to raise overall awareness of the brand, we also wanted to increase online sales in the client’s e-shop. We created a special landing page for the campaign, on which we presented new products in the same style but in more depth, and offered customers the opportunity to buy the product directly in a 1+1 promotion, as well as to take advantage of other benefits offered by the e-shop.

on social networks,
and collaboration
with influencers

One of the channels we chose for the presentation is social networks, on which we look after our client’s profiles. We had contributions and simple competitions on TikTok and Instagram prepared. In order to have a greater organic reach, we contacted several influencers as well as micro-influencers from the ranks of our fans, who also became involved in our campaign and presented the client’s products in feeds and stories in their accounts. Every influencer also had their own unique discount code.

Branding and
video advertising
on Czech-Slovak
Film Database

We didn’t want to stay only in the environment of social networks and YouTube, and so we chose the Czech-Slovak Film Database website as a good platform for collaboration. We prepared thematic advertisements, and launched the campaign. The Czech-Slovak Film Database website is visited by many people from various target groups. We needed it for a larger data sample, and thanks to it we obtained it.

Advertising on
social networks
for greater reach

To succeed organically on social networks with a company or product presentation is very difficult. Even though we’re doing quite well, and have nice numbers on our profiles that are constantly growing, we knew that this is a long haul, and we have a monthly campaign and big goals. It was clear that we have to advertise on social networks. With regard to the main target group, we focused on advertising on Instagram and TikTok. We created a specific advertisement for each platform, to make it more authentic and better suited for it.

A successful campaign,
and lots of new

Even when you feel that you can do, and know, quite a lot, every new client and product is completely different. A different form of communication may work for each one. Thanks to an intensive campaign and a large number of formats, we were able to measure the effectiveness of individual channels, which will help us improve results in subsequent campaigns. Both we and the client are satisfied with the results, and we immediately started preparing other joint campaigns.

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