We were given the great opportunity to create in just six months a completely new online store for one of the leading online bicycle stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia -

Online store from Teplice
with a successful history

The online store originates from our city of Teplice. It has an amazing and long story behind it, with the first online store opening back in 2001, and the first brick-and-mortar store opening in 2006. Even as children, we visited Koloshop and bought cycling equipment there.

A reliable partner
for an ambitious project

An online store of this format was seeking a reliable partner for smooth co-operation and the creation of a fantastic product. While we aren’t aware of the background details, we do know that we weren’t the only company approached. Our clients know that we are not afraid of challenges and that we are happy to tackle complex projects. But for new customers, we need to gain their trust and demonstrate that we are up to the task. While some might boast of a great sales team and beautiful presentations, we have chosen the path of “give us a task and we’ll show you what we can do.” And with Koloshop we were successful in this.

When there’s
no time to waste

Our task was to have it ready for the start of the season, or else we would have to postpone the project launch. We were given just 6 months to implement the project. In four months, we had created our first test version, and we spent the next two months testing, fine-tuning and fulfilling the requirements. We succeeded with a small delay, even though just a small team, comprising four people, were working on the project. We see this as a great success. Projects of this size usually take around a year. Thanks to trust and excellent co-operation from our client, we did it in half the time.

and clear interface

For large projects, we make sure that all designs are mobile device-ready. It is important that all functions are accessible and user-friendly on mobile devices too. This is particularly difficult for online stores, because a large amount of information has to be displayed over a small area. But thanks to our passion for creation and perfectionism, we were able to adjust each and every pixel to ensure that the interface was convenient and clear for the user.

All out and no

Hundreds and components and different options provide the basis for our design system, which can be used to build and develop a complex and large online store. We don’t look for the easy paths: we invest time and ideas in all of our projects. We cannot implement a large number of projects, which is why we are careful in choosing our clients. But once we get down to the job, we go all out without unnecessary compromises. Each such project is a pathway to yet more interesting work for us.

From Koloshop
to the whole of Europe

We are proud to be a partner in our client’s interesting and difficult journey. We strive to continuously develop our platform, bringing new functions and modules to improve user experience for customers not just in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but across the whole of Europe. We trust that our collaboration with Koloshop will continue long into the future and that we will continue to produce innovative solutions for this successful bicycle store platform.
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