Dope Hockey

We were tasked with creating a short hockey-themed video, and presenting a product from the Czech nicotine pouch manufacturer Dope.

We put together a team with which we very quickly began to create a video for our client. We wanted to make a dynamic video with a simple story from an environment which most of our client’s customers are familiar with. Hockey was an obvious choice.

When everything
has to work out

Any production is always demanding, especially in terms of organisation and overall planning. If you don’t prepare well, you improvise on the spot and you can forget lots of things, or simply not manage them as you imagined. Moreover, when you’re recording outside your own premises and have limited time, it’s even more challenging because you don’t have the opportunity to simply go back in the same composition, and rerecord what went wrong.

Product photography
for further work

We always try to make the most of any production. When all the equipment and lights are set up, we also want to photograph everything and prepare content for both our and the client’s social networks (shots from backstage). Content is king and, when possible, we try to squeeze the most out of everything.

How we filmed
Dope Hockey

Among other things, we had a person on the team in charge of Behind the Scenes. In this way, a video was created from the filming environment. The video is not only a good memoir, but also a tool for presenting our services and a demonstration of what’s behind the scenes for Dope fans. It’s interesting to see how certain shots are created, and how much work goes into a few seconds of video.

Not everything goes
according to plan

Even with good preparation, lots of problems appear on site. We ran out of time, so we had to secure an additional date. We didn’t have ideal weather for the outdoor shots. On the other hand, things worked out for us that weren’t even in the plan, and so we have shots from the Teplice hockey stadium locker rooms, which was an excellent location for the purposes of our sport.

Production is
an adventure
with friends

What we like about production is that it really is teamwork, which takes place at the same time and follows on smoothly from individual phases. It’s not like a website, where individual works often gradually take place in succession. Here, you need to put all your heads together and create collectively – someone is filming, someone is in charge of lighting, someone is acting, someone is going to get snacks, and much more. One such day of filming is always an adventure.

A great experience,
and a job well done

Even though we didn’t have enough time and resources for the filming, and we created from what was available to us, we were very happy with the result. We managed to create a one-minute video that contains everything we wanted in it. And people even enjoy watching it more than once. We like the story, editing and effects, but most importantly the reactions of the people who watched the video.

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