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Cirkus Kabát

A long-standing client, DanCzek, contacted us because an opportunity came up for them to become a partner of the big touring band Kabát. Our task was to take care of the complete online campaign, arrange production, and ensure the smooth progress of the entire collaboration.

For Teplice companies such as DanCzek and our agency, the band Kabát is an emotional affair. Even though not all of us listen to this genre, we view Kabát with great respect, because they started out in Teplice and have really come a long way. We knew that we mustn’t underestimate anything, and so we and the client came up with a comprehensive online campaign designed to be interesting especially for the band’s fans, but also for the client, so that they could use this event to present their products.

Meetings, ideas
and various concepts

Before we arrived at the final form of the entire campaign, several interesting ideas came up. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to realise everything, and so we had to choose what, from our perspective, will be most beneficial for all parties. We launched a competition for fans, recorded a great interview with the band, gave out hundreds of tickets, and the client had their own promotional stand with hostesses at every concert.

A signed guitar
and other prizes

The client managed to agree with the band on great prizes for the competition. The main prize was a guitar signed by all band members, and its personal presentation. There was also a limited edition watch, merchandise, and lots of concert tickets.

Landing page
with entry to
the competition

We created a simple page on which those interested could register. To enter the competition, all they had to do was buy any of our client’s products. Throughout the tour, we had a raffle once a week and gave the fans their prizes.

Advertising on
social networks

We chose classic advertising on social networks as an important promotional channel. We tried texts and visuals. We also tested various forms of targeting to see what brings the right people for our campaign.

Video advertising
on YouTube and
other platforms

We like creating video advertisements. They’re often more expensive, and don’t have as many conversions, but it’s a format that people are getting more and more used to. Consuming video content is becoming more convenient for people than reading text and viewing pictures.

A Facebook page
with a great reach

We set up a separate Facebook page to promote the campaign. On it, we organised various competitions for fans, and informed them about the progress of the tour and our client’s activities. In this way, using simple quizzes, we managed to give away dozens of tickets, and increase the page’s organic reach as well as fans’ awareness of the ongoing main competition.

Video announcement
of the competition

Every week, we recorded an announcement of the winners and gave away prizes to contestants. This we created additional content which we were able to communicate on social networks and YouTube.

A long-awaited
interview with
the entire band

The main output of the entire campaign was a video interview with the entire band. We recorded the interview a few days before the start of the tour. We wanted to give fans a really good interview with the band, and we succeeded. The band approached it very professionally, and really accommodated us. We then inserted blocks with advertisements for our client’s product into the video. We did it so that it doesn’t bother the viewer, but at the same time doesn’t go unnoticed.

We went
to concerts

It would be a shame not to make use of such an opportunity. We got up from our computers, and went to see concerts and enjoy the great atmosphere. At every concert, our client had a promotional stand with free product samples on offer.

Even more content
for communication

As we were already in the field, we immediately recorded a simple view of the concert, and took photos of people at our client’s stand. In this way, we had a really large amount of varied content for the entire campaign period. It’s important to be seen, to create posts, stories and reels, and to respond to messages and comments. This all helped us spread awareness of the client’s campaign among a large number of people.

If you can’t stand
the heat, get out
of the kitchen

What a ride. After the publication of the interview, end of the tour and announcement of the last winners of the competition, we took a break. It had been several very demanding months. For us, it was the biggest campaign we had taken care of so far. After the final report was prepared, we were happy with the overall result, despite lots of imperfections. Many good ideas only came up during the campaign itself. Some things we were still able to change, and everything else is material for other campaigns we’re working on.

„Collaboration on this project required extraordinary complexity on the author’s part. From understanding the products and the vision, to realisation and building on this project, Pro-Idea conducted itself like a great professional. The wager on long-term collaboration is paying off with interest.“

Patrik Schwarzinger

Marketing Manager / DanCzek Teplice a.s.

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