Tep Tour

One of our first larger clients once asked us to create a new information system and website. Over the intervening long years, our client has grown, and so have we, and so we were glad to have again gained their confidence so we could get to work. This project was undoubtedly much more complex than we had anticipated. Although we didn’t manage to keep to the schedule, we did manage to create a user-friendly system, saving the client hundreds of hours. The new website is much faster and more user-friendly than the previous one.

We and our client still have a lot of work ahead. We’re going to be thoroughly testing everything out, and optimising it to customer behaviour. We’re happy to be able to support another company from Teplice, providing it with our services and knowledge.

„We had Pro-idea s.r.o. create a system for the TEP TOUR s.r.o. travel agency. We were involved in the development of this system, and its greatest advantage is an individual approach both to TA needs, and to clients. They also created a responsible website for us, and improved our logo. Co-operation with their creators is at a highly professional level. In a nutshell, this is a comprehensive solution for TEP TOUR s.r.o. travel agency which has simplified our work, never mind the time it has saved us. We are happy to remain their clients.“

Petr Nováček

TEP TOUR s.r.o. travel agency

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