Království Duše

We developed an entirely bespoke website for the Království Duše project, encompassing everything from information architecture and wireframes to final design. The website is mainly designed to present the project and its services, and to acquire new customers. We are working on other projects with Jana Štantejská and her team.

Thanks to its new website, the Království Duše project has got off to an ideal start. All the website functions are working fully, and so no later adjustments were needed. This project has become the ideal gateway for further co-operation.

„I’d like to thank the entire incredible Pro-idea team headed by Sergey Petukhov for their professional approach from our very first meeting. The entire team have always listened attentively, and they’ve been able to gain a perfect appreciation of the entire Království Duše project. I’ve always had the feeling of being in the role of client. We were all focused on the result and we complemented each other beautifully. All my requirements were met and quickly implemented. I was 100% satisfied with their overall work, creativity, ideas, and their kind and sensitive approach. Big thanks to the entire team, and I look forward to further co-operation.“

Jana Štantejská

Království Duše founder

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