We took on another great challenge – to redesign the logo and create a new visual identity for This popular brand, backed by a large community of fans, deserved a new visual identity which they could fully identify with.

Research and inspiration

Market research and the creation of a mood board with points of inspiration were crucial in defining a new direction for the logo. We looked at what bicycle manufacturer brands look like, how the largest online stores in the Czech Republic communicate visually, and what logos competing companies use. We also looked at the visual appearance of apps which customers like to use, whether for measuring their activities, for communication or for other needs.


We focused on fine-tuning the typeface so that the actual text in the “Koloshop” logo was memorable and impactful even without the associated symbol, thus ensuring a strong independent identity.

Conceptual design of the symbol

We created a simple but distinctive symbol – a circle divided into four parts. Rotating the segments creates 256 unique variants, allowing the flexible representation of different sports activities. While bicycles remain the store’s main product, the company is nevertheless developing and adding new products to its expanding range. As a result, we decided to depart from the traditional symbol of a bicycle. We now look at the circle (wheel) as a universal element which can represent a broad range of activities.

Flexibility in applying the logo

For maximum adaptability, we developed a series of logos, allowing for a broad spectrum of uses, from digital media to printed materials.

Specific logos
for different sports disciplines

For each sports category, such as Winter, Running and Hiking, we created specialised logos which differ in symbol and colour, but which are based on our universal symbol.

Logo evolution

The old logo served well for many years, but the time for change has brought a new design which paves the way for the brand in the decades to come.

Thank you for your trust

We are grateful for the opportunity to work on the new logo. Collaboration with our client was inspiring, and we trust that the new design will successfully represent the brand in all media.

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