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Cricket Mania

We took over the management of social networks for a legendary brand – Cricket lighters. After a long sleep, the networks had to be kick-started and so, in collaboration with the client, the Cricket Mania campaign was born.

The goal of the campaign was simple: get the client’s profiles moving, attract new and most importantly relevant followers, and increase overall awareness of the Cricket brand. In order to make the campaign more interesting, we chose as the main motif a competition for Cricket lighter owners. All you had to do was follow our profile, and publish a photo with a Cricket lighter and our profile name.

We focused
on Instagram

Instagram was chosen as the main communication platform. We decided to create visually attractive content, which succeeds more on Instagram than on other networks. Using photographs and illustrations, we showed followers situations in which a reliable lighter can be useful for them.

Tailor-made illustrations
for the entire campaign

When we have the opportunity, we try to create unique content, whether it’s tailor-made photos, videos or illustrations. In the case of the campaign for Cricket, we drew various tutorials and illustrated stories for an easier understanding of the mechanics of the competition.

Product photos
for filling the profile

In addition to the short-term campaign, we were in charge of the complete management of the Cricket profile. We had to photograph lots of materials so we’d have something to create a feed from. We had to improvise a lot and look for interesting locations and situations, so that the photos wouldn’t be repetitive and would always tell a short story.

Landing page for
better communication
and measuring success

We also launched advertisements outside Instagram. We needed to create a page to which we direct users after they click on the advertisement. A place where there will be complete information about the competition, as well as a presentation of the Cricket brand. For these purposes, a one-page website in the style of the entire campaign was sufficient.

Posts, stories, reels
and communication

We began to intensively communicate with practically every new follower – explaining the rules of the competition, and describing the advantages of Cricket lighters. It turned out that Cricket lighters belong among the most popular on the market. A large number of collectors appeared who were looking for additional interesting pieces for their collections, and we helped them obtain these.

Paid advertising
on Instagram

We published paid advertisements on Instagram and YouTube. We tried to reach what, from our perspective, were the most interesting groups of users. Certain groups fared better than others, so we continuously modified the campaigns and fine-tuned the visuals and budgets.

Personal presentation
of prizes to winners

It was very important for us to show followers that the entire competition was honest. After the winners were drawn, we contacted every one of them and went to see them personally, so that we could hand over all the prizes and take photos of the happy winners.

We were surprised
by the followers’

We expected that a lot of people would get involved. Who are we kidding? If you’re organising any competition and the main prize is an iPhone, you won’t be short of participants. What surprised us, however, was how many people chose not to make a sloppy job of their photo. Even very capable photographers took part. Some came up with entire photo concepts, while others approached the photo more artistically. We thus created a nice collection of our followers’ photographs, for which we thank them very much.

Lots of new followers,
and praise from Cricket
around the world

The goal was fulfilled; the Cricket accounts came to life again. Lots of new followers came, and only some of them left after the end of the competition. Our activities were noticed both at Cricket headquarters and by representatives in other countries. They shared our content, and generally they praised our approach to the development of the community around the popular Cricket lighters. Cricket lighters have been available to buy anywhere in the world since 1961. We’re happy to have been able to play a part in the brand’s current success in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

„An excellent approach by the entire team. Collaboration at the highest level, flexibility and great ideas. Collaboration with the Pro-Idea team runs by itself, we complement each other beautifully, and the result is always worth it.“

Tomáš Racek

Marketing Manager / DanCzek Teplice a.s.

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